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The Simpsons Top 100

In Memory of Phil Hartman

7/19/2002: I know it's been awhile, but there will be some updates soon, I could use some pics or sound bytes that I don't have if you wish to contribute.

6/22/2001: Doing some maintenance.

5/13/2000: I have added 26 pictures to the pictures section, and 1 more sound to the sounds section. There will be some more sound soon too. Looking forward to the 1000th hit and please sign my guest book.

5/6/2000: Well hello everyone, I have added a Guest book today, I hope it is running ok, feel free to write.

5/3/2000: Wow! what a great first week, Gil's world has been added to Yahoo! I appreciate everyone stopping by. In Gil's Bio I added a picture of Jack Lemmon from Glengarry Glen Ross, just for comparison, I still need more pics and sound or anything else, c'mon help a guy out will ya'?

4/27/2000: Added as many Gilisms as I could muster up, but there are more....Haven't been able to find any more pictures, but maybe some kind souls could help out here. Gils links are up and that's all for now.

4/24/2000: Added Bio, some pics, 1 Gilism, and 1 sound. If anyone has anything to help expand this site, please let me know.

4/23/2000: Welcome to Gil's World, the only place on the net for all that is Gil. Gil is everyman, he defines the ultimate worrying loser in us all. This is where it all begins, let's see where it goes.

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